Built World Enterprise operates within Michigan Tech’s Enterprise Program, a unique multi-year, interdisciplinary, project-based program available to all students. To learn more, please visit the Enterprise Website.

I would recommend joining an Enterprise to anyone – even though it may seem geared toward engineers, people of all majors have valuable information and perspectives to offer, and working in more diverse teams is much more interesting/fun.

Maya Geiselhart – BWE Public Outreach Chair and Member

I enjoy the versatility of working with individuals with different background than myself. We take a creative approach to the challenges we solve. It’s a good way to apply conventional knowledge from other classes to a real world application.

Lindsey Anderson – BWE Member

I love the freedom it offers to explore what you are passionate about in academia. There is such a solid support system between teammates and advisors.

Lucy Toppen – BWE & EWB Member

I love how the enterprise program has given me confidence in my abilities. Working on this scale of research is not something I thought was achievable as an undergraduate before I joined Enterprise.

Skylar Callis – BWE Secretary and Member

I really like the different relationships and connections you can make with people on and off campus through participating in Enterprise. I like that I was able to make friendships in my own Enterprise and then realize that some of those people are in the same classes as me. I was able to meet people I probably would not have otherwise. Enterprise is also what you make of it and that is another thing that is great about this program. What comes out from participating in Enterprise is your own work and that is something to be proud of.

Clinton Ottman – BWE ESAB Liaison and Member